Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thornham before the mist rolled in

[Firstly, thanks to all the staff at the Lifeboat Inn for a great Christmas lunch -  great food, excellent service - even if I went a bit off-piste with the sirloin of beef and ricotta & cranberry cake for afters!]

The early morning light on Boxing Day was very good. We sneaked down to the creek and managed to photograph roosting golden plover and snipe before the dog walkers arrived. 

The battery on Martin W's 1D could not stand the cold weather and gave up the ghost so I lent him my 50D for the remainder of the morning (luckily we both shoot Canon). You owe me one bro'

'The eyes have it!'

As with any animal photography, the eye (however small) is the most important part of the image. It must be unobstructed, pin sharp and have a natural catch-light.

Golden Plover are totally resplendent in their summer plumage but even in winter the light makes them glow. This little fellow was very obliging and hung around long after the snipe had left the scene.

Another day, another challenge

What a difference a day makes . . . the bright skies of Christmas and Boxing Days made way for fog for the remainder of our week. There were plenty of birds around but flat light made for lifeless images. 

Sound and vision

Geese were constantly on the move - this telephoto shot only shows a fraction of the skene - numbering in their thousands, as they took to the skies from fields around Holme. I love to hear them calling to each other as they make their way across the landscape.

Wading about

I nestled down in the mud at the side of the creek before the tide came in, bringing the waders past me. Lots of dunlin . . .

and the odd grey plover . . .

and the ubiquitous redshank!

Sea duck

And then, purely by chance, a female red-breasted merganser dropped in about 30 feet from me - nice! [Possibly the same one that was seen at Titchwell the previous day]

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