Monday, 28 February 2011

Death by 'Lichen'


You can always tell when I've not been out with may camera much when I throw in a technical tip or spout random stuff! What's my excuse? Too busy doing other things and, when I'm free it's been raining hard. Yesterday was a great example, I had arranged a game of golf at Boughton with a good friend of mine and it was a beautiful day.

Death by 'Lichen'

I entered four images into the recent Ashford Photographic Society Natural History competition. I won the projected digital images section with my White-tailed Eagle (taken on Loch Na Kael last June) but the overall winner was judged to be a slide of a piece of lichen on a rock. Congratulations to Neville Marsh for winning the trophy - I think he was as surprised as everyone else (I don't think mine was the best image there either so no hard feelings!) There's always next year.

RHS Wisley

On Saturday I pottered over to Wisley with my wife to meet a friend of ours. I took the camera of course (you know how women like to chatter...) as I believe that just shooting nature all the time is a bit one-dimensional. Variety is good and it helps to make one a more complete photographer. I did try some fill-in flash in the butterfly house - this worked out really well. I've posted the images on the APS Facebook page. Hope I can put it into practice effectively in the wild.

I've only got eight more weeks to go at work now so looking forward to my spring career break to get out with my camera even more before I need to think about bringing in some money...

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