Friday, 11 March 2011

Broken promises and dipping on dipper

The Lakes

Just back from an excellent few days in Ambleside, walking in the fells, eating and drinking too much - the ususal stuff. I vowed not to do any bird photography whilst away but there was just enough room in the boot for my long lens and all the other luggage would have just jangled around wouldn't it!

My best photo opportunity came when I least expected it. The river Rothsay runs through the churchyard at Grassmere and was host to not only the ubiquitous mallard, but three pairs of goosander were working their way downstream. I only had my 24-105mm lens on so just a record shot but nice to see them anyway.

Later that afternoon we crossed Stock Ghyll and I heard a dipper that subsequently landed on a rock near the foot bridge. Making a mental note I slipped out the next afternoon and my hopes were raised as two bird photographers were installed by the bridge. I parked the car and walked up asking "any sign of the dipper"? "Oh yes, been in and out for the last two hours" came the reply. I hunkered down excitedly beside the bridge for an hour and half but when my shutter speed hit 1/125th at f/4 ISO1600 I decided to call it a day.

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