Tuesday, 29 March 2011

West Country Hirundines - a tale from left-field

Just back from a four-day photographic break in Rock, Cornwall with friends Philip and Anthony. Whilst there we set up the 'Wonky Horizons Group' - the sort of thing you do after a few beers.

The trip was not a birding one but just general photography and relaxation. We were blessed with fantastic weather and our cottage looked out over the Camel estuary to Padstow and the shore could be accessed down a small flight of steps from our garden - bliss!

Heron on Camel Estuary whilst waiting for 'ferry' back to Rock
I was very excited to see a group of eight house martins fly over on Saturday afternoon - my first hirundines of the year.

Mute swans in early morning mist (Sunday 27th)

I have just blown half my annual bonus on one of the new 70-200 f/2.8 Canon lenses so it was an opportunity to put it through its paces. It's a little heavier than I had anticipated but image quality is excellent and the IS appears to be very good.

One very interesting thing we observed in Padstein was that the local turnstones have adapted to feeding on scraps of food on the concrete of the harbour front and associated walkways. Like the gulls, they don't seem to be too bothered about people as long as there is a chance of a quick snack. I think it will be a long time however until we are knee-deep in curlew on the quay.

Grab-shot with my 24-105 lens
Now I'm back in Kent I'm looking forward to getting out with my camera and snapping some birds again but my wife's car is in for MOT today and she has taken mine to work. I'll just have to put on a long playlist and sort through some more images!

I have to go into work on Weds. as my boss is coming over from Zurich. It will probably be the last chance I get to see him before I leave on 22nd April - PANIC!

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